Super-resolution for video - an example

This example demonstrates an application of superresolution technology developed by Almalence, Inc. to a video material. Notice both the greatly reduced amount of noise and the level of fine details in the final video. High level of noise is not a problem for Almalence's superresolution algorithm, so that the algorithm is usable for videos captured with mobile devices and/or in low-light conditions.

The following video was taken with Nokia N900 mobile camera. No signal pre- or post- processing was applied except for superresolution itself.
(To watch the video you should have Adobe Flash plugin installed and Javascript enabled)

Compare the crops from the original and superresolution videos below:

Original frame
Superresolution result

Original frame
Superresolution result

Comparison with competitors

A comparison with YUVSoft and Infognition:

Revealing the texture

Details enhancement