Almalence SuperResolution now supports Mediatek APU

We are happy to announce that our SuperResolution is now fully ported to Mediatek APU, an AI processor powering high-end Mediatek smartphone chipsets.

With the addition of the APU version, Almalence SR now supports the high-end chipset DSPs of both major chipset makers, Qualcomm and Mediatek.

Running SuperResolution image processing on a specialized DSP brings the following advantages:

  • Much faster processing, up to real-time at video frame rates
  • Some 10-20 times lower power consumption
  • CPU offload, no blocking of UI and other applications
  • More sophisticated processing within a shorter time

In 2021, Almalence SuperResolution will be used to achieve unprecedented camera zoom quality on top smartphones powered by the newest Qualcomm 888 and Mediatek Dimensity chipsets.