Elevating XR Video Pass-Through Quality with Super-Resolution: Experience Reality in High-Definition

In the realm of mixed reality (AR/XR/MR) devices, the quality of pass-through cameras—which project the real world onto your digital display—is paramount for an immersive user experience. Yet, even the most advanced devices fall short of expectations. The inherent limitations of camera design make it a formidable challenge to achieve wide-angle views, high resolution, and low noise simultaneously. Moreover, the demands of XR devices, such as high frame rates and limited bandwidth, further complicate matters.

The Challenge

XR devices necessitate short exposure times to maintain high frame rates, leading to increased noise, and the bandwidth constraints often reduce resolution. Additionally, the user’s expectations for XR are significantly higher than for traditional devices like smartphones. In an XR setting, any noise present is far less tolerable than in a standard video capture, as it disrupts the seamless integration of digital and physical realities—unlike the human eye, which perceives reality without such distortions.

Almalence's Solution

At Almalence, we've engineered a solution that transcends these challenges. Our Super-Resolution technology is a purely computational technique that enhances the resolution of captured images while simultaneously reducing noise, without sacrificing any detail. Unlike conventional AI-driven super-resolution methods that may introduce unwanted artifacts or “hallucinate” details not present in the original image, our technology reconstructs image data accurately and reliably, ensuring the output remains true to reality.

Technological Advantage

Our solution has been meticulously optimized for Qualcomm’s Hexagon DSP and GPUs, enabling it to process images at a breathtaking speed—supporting real-time performance at 90 frames per second. This capability ensures that users experience a fluid, vibrant AR environment without perceptible delays or compromises in image quality.

Comparative Demonstration

In a side-by-side comparison featuring Qualcomm’s Anorak—a reference device for the XR2 Gen2 platform with basic camera and display hardware—and the Apple Vision Pro, which boasts state-of-the-art camera technology, the difference is stark. The Anorak’s output is visibly lower in resolution and noisier. However, with Almalence’s Super-Resolution applied, the quality of Anorak’s camera is elevated to meet or even exceed that of the high-end Apple Vision Pro:

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