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Next Generation of Human Eye Simulator Prevents Eye Tracker Failures

Almalence introduces the next generation of its Human Eye Simulator, now making the simulator look exactly like a human eye by completely eliminating the unwanted pupil reflections in the IR spectrum. A closer look at the evolution of how Almalence Human Eye Simulator looked like to the eye trackers in IR spectrum: First generation: In […]

Near-eye Display Optic Deficiencies and Ways to Overcome Them

Achieving high picture quality, optical fidelity, and natural visual experience is a challenge in near-eye display design. Learn: Why the conventional approaches do not work for near-eye display optical design; What specific methods exist, and why they are still fundamentally limited; How the computational optical correction techniques allow overcoming those limits. Read a comprehensive article […]

Super-Resolution Allows Doctors to See More with Smallest Cameras

The image quality of endoscopy cameras is fundamentally limited by the constrained camera size and the lighting is limited by the heat emission at the distal tip. This leads to the tradeoff between very low resolution with acceptably low noise and higher (but still low) resolution with a stronger noise level. Almalence Super-Resolution is a […]