Digital Lens for Better Picture Quality in VR/AR Displays

Having to achieve high resolution, wide field of view, and large eye-box, the VR/AR head-mounted display makers face the challenges impossible to overcome by hardware design alone. Even the latest and greatest head-mounted displays retain the common flaws spoiling user experience: blur and color fringing outside of the small “sweet spot,” picture quality degradation and geometry distortion at wide gaze angles, and a tiny eye box.

To achieve realistic picture quality, optical fidelity, and natural visual experience, it becomes necessary to use advanced image pre-processing techniques beyond the standard geometry warp and channel scaling.

Almalence Digital Lens is a computational solution allowing to correct optical aberrations and distortions in head-mounted displays by utilizing a precise characterization of HMD optical properties along with a patented dynamic aberrations correction algorithm, adjusting on-the-fly to the eye-tracking data.


A one-minute demo with HP Reverb G2 Omnicept: