Computational imaging technologies for cameras, humans, and machines to see better

Almalence's technologies enable picture quality beyond the camera and display hardware capabilities. They overcome fundamental physical limits of imaging systems such as sensor resolution, pixel size, and lens aberrations.

Our solutions are currently applied in smartphones, digital photography, VR/AR head-mounted displays, medical cameras, and we are expanding to laptop, surveillance and automotive, and other areas.

Through constant innovation, Almalence introduces new technologies to the market and develops them to the top performance. Almalence is a vendor to top OEMs and a partner to all leading chipset makers.

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Super-Resolution: Details beyond the sensor pixel density and achieving SNR beyond the pixel size

Digital Lens: Optical aberrations correction in near-eye displays without adding physical lens elements

Super-Resolution Zoom for Smartphones: The best-in-class lossless zoom and enhanced SNR

Super-Resolution for Endoscopy: Allowing doctors to see more with the smallest cameras