Digital Lens Evaluation OpenXR Plugin

Evaluation results

Thank you everyone who tried the DLVR OpenXR plugin and shared the feedback, which was extremely positive. Check what the users say about DLVR!

The end of public evaluation

The evaluation period is over. As we explained in multiple forum discussions and support replies, we cannot support DLVR as an OpenXR layer forever. The proper way of using DLVR technology is impleneting it in the device rendering pipeline.

Still, we can arrange limited evaluation licenses to:

  • VR/AR OEM companies, looking to test the Digital Lens solution
  • Bloggers who wish to test DLVR and publish a review
  • Companies/individuals doing VR/AR image quality measurements and research

For inquiries, contact us via this link.

What it is all about

The plugin demonstrates Almalence Digital Lens technology (DLVR), a solution enhancing visible image quality in head-mounted displays by computationally compensating optical aberrations.

The DLVR plugin shows the image quality improvement with any OpenXR-compatible application.


The technology requires eye tracking, and currently the demo plugin supports the following devices:

  • Pimax Crystal
  • Pico 3 Neo Pro Eye
  • HP Reverb G2 Omnicept
  • HTC Vive Pro Eye