Testing Almalence Digital Lens for VR – the users say WOW

Recently, we have released an OpenXR layer, allowing everyone to experience VR image clarity enhancement with Digital Lens technology on the World’s highest-resolution VR display, Pimax Crystal. The users’ feedback is priceless, proving that the Digital Lens is truly changing the game in high-fidelity VR.

... Almalence is a must for my headset, cannot go back after using it.
… I’m honestly surprised how much it improved the image.
… Sure brings out the details.
… It really blew my socks off.
… Oh that is amazing. Kinda feeling you get when you put on a new headset which is much better than the old one!
… I'd actually say the 35PPD with Almalence was giving me sharpness which felt comparable to the 42PPD despite those having 20% higher pixel density.
… Fantastic, the clarity improvement in DCS feels like getting the 42PPD lens (or better) without having to deal with the flaws of the 42PPD lens. High resolution detail like cities and forests in the landscape of DCS maps is a huge difference. The cockpit also looks sharper.
… I saw a big improvement in visual clarity.
… The combination of Almalence and Quad Views in DCS is so close to being completely mind blowing!
… UEVR on the Crystal is INSANE […] Almalence makes it even more high fidelity, it really shines.
… Wow the difference in sharpness is insane.
… Almalence makes a HUGE visual difference!
… Amazing, game changing in fact.
... Almalence makes it look like 50ppd
… The difference in visual fidelity was very pronounced and very positive. Clarity was very noticeably improved and chromatic aberrations were all but removed.

(the reviews above come mainly from Pimax discord channel, as well as from discussions on Reddit, MSFS forum, and direct messages)

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