End of May was HOT for AR|VR Industry: Join us at Four Major Tradeshows

Update: watch Almalence's talk at Augmented World Expo 23: XR Picture Quality Beyond Display And Optical Hardware Limits.

The end of May through the beginning of June 2023 is a busy time for the XR industry, with four worldwide tradeshows happening in quick succession. We invite all industry professionals and enthusiasts to join us at those shows. The details are listed below:

  • SID Display Week Imaging and Vision Special Event, May 25, Los Angeles.
    This new Imaging & Vision Special Event is one of the exciting highlights of Display Week this year, showcasing the latest advances enabled by AI, machine learning, computer graphics, and computer vision. Almalence CEO Eugene Panich will be giving a technical presentation on how ML-based computational imaging methods can integrally improve image quality and visual performance of VR/AR devices from capture to display.

  • VCX Forum Seminar in Taipei on May 25 will take place ahead of Computex this year. The long-time standard for smartphone and webcam image quality benchmarking will now expand to XR cameras and displays. Almalence plays an active role in defining the image quality standards for XR and will participate in the Seminar. For those located in Asia, it's a great opportunity to meet us face-to-face and see our demos.

  • Embedded Vision Summit, May 23-24, Santa Clara. This is the premier conference for innovators in edge AI and computer vision. Meet us to learn how we utilize on-edge ML-based technologies to enhance the image quality of cameras and displays beyond the limits of optical hardware design.

See you soon!